'An insight into the holiness of God will always produce a life-style of repentance' [Anon.]

Your invitation

in Your invitation

Every person’s life is a journey. A journey with many twists and turns. One in which we are faced with many decisions about priorities, time, interests and beliefs.

There is however a path that few people take.

A path that looks slightly obscured, but a path that offers incredible joy, the deepest meaning, and unfathomable riches.

This is your invitation. Please click here to find out more

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“Your invitation”

Hi Peter,

Lovely website and wonderful posts. Keep up the good work, sharing the goodness of God on the web.


Martin Freye

Great website Peter, Keep going, much blessing to you from our Father & the Lord Jesus Christ.


I’m impressed by the range of topics and content on your site, Peter, and look forward to reading more. Human, readable and with undiluted messages.
God bless,

Jeff Klayman

Great to visit your website, Peter. I am a huge fan (since adolescence and High School French) of Saint Exupery and “Le Petit Prince” and “Night Flight”. A magical writer.


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Incline my heart to your testimony O God
And not to personal gain
May reading your Word not be a burden, or a mere duty
But a delight
Disincline me towards television, the newspaper, the magazine, sport, the internet
Grant me to be inclined, hungry, desirous of the Word of God more than these things.

This is a miracle: my soul […]

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