"It is true, of course, that no man enters the kingdom because of his obedience; but it is equally true that no man enters the kingdom who is not obedient." [D A Carlson]

The signposts

The direction that your life takes, your decisions and choices, are underpinned by your belief system.

This path you are being invited on is no different.

Each component of the belief system that underpins this journey represents a signpost at an intersection in the path.

These signposts described below represent an opportunity to consider what you believe, whether you agree, and whether you want to keep walking along this path.

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1. There is a God

The whole object of this journey is to know God, to glorify Him, to worship God and experience His love. Therefore the most basic, and most important, assumption of this journey is the belief that there is a God.

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2. The Bible is a perfectly reliable source of all information about God, and about the purpose of our lives. 

The Bible is a collection of books written over a period of 2,000 years in times of war and in days of peace. It was written by kings, shepherds, doctors, tax collectors, fishermen, farmers and singers. It is incredible that this library, written by such a diverse group of people over a long period of time is so consistent.

This journey is based on the belief that the Bible is the Word of God, and as such can be relied on for truth. It is the handbook, the road map, that we use to navigate our way along this path.

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3. This God is a Big God.

God has always existed, currently exists, and will always exist. He is not limited by our concept of time, He existed before time came into being. He is beyond our comprehension and understanding, beyond the ability of our mortal minds to grasp completely. Even the universe, of which we still don’t know its dimensions, cannot contain Him.  

This God is not the small god portrayed by popular opinion, but the God who is majestic in His perfection, awesome in His glory and power, infinite in His mercy and love. A God whose very mystery draws us in, and a God whose actions we can never hope to fully explain.

[Read more about the character of God]

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4. God is in total control

Nothing is hidden from God’s sight. God has either caused or actively allowed every thing to happen in this world. God is not taken by surprise. Everything that happens has a purpose. The concept of a God in total control is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks on this journey – how can a good God allow bad things to happen?

The inability of our human minds to understand why God allows certain things to happen does not mean God is flawed. Instead it just means that our understanding is severly limited compared to God’s wisdom and purpose.

Indeed it seems as though God places greater importance on our eternal destination rather than our comfort here on earth.

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5. Everything has been created by God

God created the universe by the word of His mouth. That is how we exist, and how everything came into existence. God created time, and at the beginning of time God created the universe. God created everything in the universe with purpose and design.

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6. We were created to worship God, to bring glory to Him

God’s sole purpose to create mankind was that we would worship and bring glory to Him. This is the foundation to the whole message of the Bible. God could have created robots for this purpose, but instead He wants us to choose to worship Him, to glorify Him. To this end God created each of us with the ability to make a choice.

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7.  We have chosen instead to rebel against God

Since the beginning of time mankind has chosen to place ourselves, our own interests, in the driver’s seat of our life. We want to be in control of our own lives.

This desire for control, our rebellion against God and His purpose for our lives, is the whole essence of what is known as “sin”. This is when we make our own interests, goals or possessions more important than what we were designed for, the worship and glory of God. In fact, we rebell against God when we try to put anything, apart from God, as a higher priority in our lives.

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8. We are separated from God

Since God is perfect and holy God, our rebellion against him is an abomination to Him. Our decision to rebel means we are separated from God.  Nothing we can ever do could bridge this chasm between us and God.

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9. God wanted to bridge this gap

God, because of His incredible love, sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to bridge this gap. This is the whole message of Easter. When Jesus died to pay the cost of our rebellion, and then came to life to conquer death. He has enabled us to approach God again and have a relationship with Him. Jesus is the only way to God. God is inviting us to know Him. That is the amazing thing about this journey.

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10. It is our decision whether we want to respond

God is giving us an open invitation to know Him. It is our natural bent to keep rebelling against God, to keep ourselves and our own priorities as the most important thing in our lives. To keep them on the throne of our lives.

To accept this invitation we need to make a conscious decision to pursue God, to develop a yearning to know God and to humble ourselves before Him. We cannot share the control of our lives with God. If God is on the throne of our lives there is no room for anything else. It is either God or us.

This is the conscious choice we need to make. We won’t walk on this path by accident. It isn’t something that we can sit on the fence with. In effect, it involves an all or nothing bet with our lives.

Either we make it the obsession of our lives to seek God and worship Him with everything we have, or we don’t.

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11. Our lives can’t help but be changed if we do

The more we get lost in the wonder of God, as we walk on this journey with God and know Him more, we cannot help but be changed. Don’t expect to walk this journey and keep the same interests, goals and desires that you have now.

As we draw closer to God we will start to wonder about the lost, the poor, the needy and the lonely. If our concern for our “neighbours” does not increase then we need to reconsider which path we are walking on.

Our motive for doing “good things” should not be to draw close to God, but as we draw close to God we cannot help but do “good things”.

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12. There is nothing greater.

Nothing compares to the greatness of knowing God, because this is exactly what we were designed to do. The further along this journey we walk we realise that everything the world has to offer pales into insignificance when compared to the joy, the fullness and the meaning that God provides.

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But don’t just take our word for it. It is my hope that by reading through these pages, and considering for yourself what this journey has to offer, that you will choose to set out on this path.

You have the invitation to experience for yourself the very purpose that you were created for.

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