'God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way' [Max Lucado]


Once we start talking about “God”, we immediately enter into the realm of the unseen. It becomes a question of belief.

The existence of God is not a mathematical formula that can be proven or disproven.  In the same way it is impossible to prove that God exists, it is also impossible to prove there is no God.

Regardless of whether you think God exists, or is just a figment of people’s imagination, these thoughts reflect your belief.

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Given the seemingly ever increasing variants of beliefs and religions around the world, it is not possible to agree with each one.

You need to disagree with at least one of them.

As an example, religions promoting universal religious tolerance are inconsistent with religions that teach there is only one path to God. Atheism, the belief there is no God, is by definition inconsistent with theism, the belief there is a God. 

Every belief system cannot be true . Every person, either consciously or subconsciously, has made a decision about which belief system they are most comfortable with.

How important is it that your belief system reflects what is real?

If you don’t believe in a God, then you would want to be confident that, if a God does exist, they don’t mind being ignored.

And if you do believe in God, what is this God like? How do you please God? What does this God want from you?

Of course, the converse of all this is that there might not be a God. Are you wasting your short time on this earth learning about and following something that doesn’t even exist?

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When it comes down to the crunch, the decision about which path you will take is entirely yours. Yours alone.

Relying on the belief system of someone else, maybe your parents, partner, a friend, a role model, even a church leader, is fraught with danger. What if they got it wrong?

If nothing else, I hope that by reading through these pages you will at least consider what you believe. And then think about what you are basing that belief on.

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