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in From bended knees

O God, you are the God of the heavens and the earth, you created all things.
Without you nothing has been made.
You hold everything together by your will, the whole world is in your hands.
The heavens declare your glory Lord, they shout your praise.
Even the highest heavens cannot contain you O Lord.

praying man

When I think of your glory God, in what way can I compare to you?
You are incomparable.
As I come and bow on my knees before you Lord, how can it be that there is any pride in my heart?
I am nothing compared to you.
Please forgive me for the pride that does exist Lord, the pride that tries to lift myself up, the pride that continually compares myself to other people, and tries to get affirmation from them.

Father, you have told us that we are to walk humbly with you.
Teach me how to be humble Lord, may you search my heart and remove any resemblance of pride in my heart.
May you take your rightful place as the Lord of every part of my life, leaving no room for myself to be lifted up.
Break me God, mould me and shape me, because you are the potter, and I am the clay.

Yet even as you teach me to be humble Lord, there is a risk that I will become proud of my humility.
So I ask that you will teach me how to forget about myself completely, that I will not care whether I am humble or proud or somewhere in between.
Help me to forget about any needs or wants that I have, and that I will learn to give every part of my life over to you, and recognise the needs of other people before my own.

God, this is a path that I need you to lead me down.
I am not able to walk it myself, I do not know how to start.
I do not know how to forget about myself, to not care about other people’s opinions of me.
But this is a path I want to walk down, because I know this is the path to know you more intimately, to draw closer to you.

Jesus you have already walked this path yourself.
You, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, became a servant, endured ridicule, disdain, and physical agony, all because of your incredible love for me.
You could have called down ten thousand angels at any time, yet you didn’t, you willingly suffered as a servant.

O God, please lead me down the same path as I learn to surrender everything to you.
Please help me to forget completely about myself, please work in me, change me.
Please give me courage when I need courage, forgive me for those times when I am more afraid of the opinions of other people that yours God.
Please show me how to love other people, to be a servant to them, and not expect anything in return.
And give me wisdom to know the difference between the love you showed and the self-love that comes to me so easily.


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