'The battle is not to do what we don't want, but to want what is infinitely worthy of wanting' [John Piper]

A hunger for God’s Word

in From bended knees

Incline my heart to your testimony O God
And not to personal gain
May reading your Word not be a burden, or a mere duty
But a delight
Disincline me towards television, the newspaper, the magazine, sport, the internet
Grant me to be inclined, hungry, desirous of the Word of God more than these things.

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This is a miracle: my soul is deeply corrupted and fallen
It does not delight in the things of the Spirit
Help me to put to death what is earthly within me
And work the miracle of new affections,
Awaken supernatural desires for the Bible in my life
Help me to immerse myself in Your Word.

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Transform me by this,
That my life may display the glory of Christ
In the way I talk, the way I feel and the way I act and treat others around me
The way I love the people in the world and demonstrate sacrificial love for them.
I ask my God that you will answer my plea
For the sake of Your name, Your renown, and for Your glory.

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Note: This prayer is based on one John Piper prayed at the beginning of one of his sermons, although it is not included in the transcript


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