'The battle is not to do what we don't want, but to want what is infinitely worthy of wanting' [John Piper]
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Your invitation

Every person’s life is a journey. A journey with many twists and turns. One in which we are faced with many decisions about priorities, time, interests and beliefs. There is however a path that few people take. A path that looks slightly obscured, but a path that offers incredible joy, the deepest meaning, and unfathomable […]

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The Hidden Castle

As the sun was slowly setting to the west behind a forest covered mountain, a group of village boys were starting to head home after an afternoon playing beside the river. “Hey”, one of the boys called out as he looked over towards the setting sun “do you think there is a castle somewhere in […]

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What is worship?

A previous post noted that we were created to worship God. Yet what is this worship? Probably the most obvious form of worship is bowing down on your knees or lying prostrate before some sort of physical or mental image or statue, being in a great sense of reverence. But worship is much more than […]

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Have you ever taken time to look at the incredible photos that the Hubble telescope has taken of the galaxies throughout the universe? The size of these galaxies is beyond our comprehension, the numbers of stars beyond counting. We even need to refer to the contents of the known universe, because we still do not […]

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The heavens declare

Have you ever walked outside on a cloudless night, and just looked up at the sky? Let your eyes focus on the closest star, and then realised that within your view there were countless other stars, some bright but others just a haze, impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. Yet even those visible stars […]

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A firm foundation

Previously we outlined the belief system that form the foundations of this journey. This belief system is also underpinned by a series of deliberate actions and conscious choices that lead us deeper into the joy of knowing God.

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