'The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into Him, that they may delight in His presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God himself in the core and centre of their hearts' [A W Tozer]
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Implications of trust (#7)

While thinking through the idea of trusting God, it made me consider how important it is to know how much I can trust God in my everyday life. Is this something that is just an abstract concept, something interesting in theory but not really important in terms of my life?

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Why do bad things happen? (#6)

It is undeniable that there are many tragedies in our world. Poverty on national scales. Starvation. Disease. Crime. Airplane crashes. Tornados, hurricanes, cyclones. Depression. Homelessness. Abuse. The list goes on. Combine the idea of a God who is good, Holy and perfect with a God who either causes or allows this to happen?

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So what about free will? (#5)

Imagine before the beginning of the world. Before time existed. There was only God. The uncreated God who has always been. And nothing else. Then imagine an infinite sheet of white paper. A sheet that has no end. No beginning. Whichever way you look the sheet continues over the horizon, yet you know this is […]

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Are we still responsible? (#4)

Another argument against the idea that God is totally in control is that it would remove our responsibility to act. The idea being that if God wants something to happen, then it will happen, regardless of what we do. This attitude is probably reflected by the response of someone when asked to support a missionary […]

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Can God allow evil? (#3)

If we can trust God completely, then God needs to be in total control of everything that happens in this world. However, following this thought through, if God is in total control of everything that happens, how can there be evil in the world? Why does a Holy God even allow evil to exist, if […]

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Can God allow bad things? (#2)

Clearly bad things do happen in this world. We only have to look around us to realise that “bad” things happen; poverty, famine, natural disasters, violence, abuse, homelessness and war are but a few tragic examples. So does this leave us with a choice between “God is good, but not totally in control” or “God […]

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How do we trust God? (#1)

The concept of trusting God is an important one as we walk on this journey. To what extent can we rely on God, and how much do we need to do ourselves. Is God involved with our everyday lives, or is he, as Bette Midler used to sing, watching from a distance, waiting to see […]

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