'God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way' [Max Lucado]
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Wisdom of God

Think for a moment about the wisest person you have ever met. Why did you think they were wise? Was it because they seemed to know so much? That they seemed so prepared before speaking, and what they said made a great deal of sense? Maybe they were very careful in what they said, and […]

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Mercy of God

The courtroom was silent as the judge took his seat. The prosecution and defence teams had completed their cases, and everyone in the courtroom, including the defendant, knew the case for guilt was conclusive and without doubt. The judge cleared his throat, and affirmed the decision of the jury. Guilty as charged on all counts. […]

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God is a jealous God

From a human perspective, jealousy is generally not a character trait we should be striving for. Jealousy typically refers to negative thoughts and feelings such as insecurity, fear, and anxiety over the anticipated loss of something we value, including love, a relationship or a friendship. Jealousy can tear relationships apart, can lead us to want […]

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God is faithful

Unfaithfulness is the source of much misery and heartache in this world. People being unfaithful in personal or business relationships can cause marriages to break up, families to be torn apart and businesses to become bankrupt.

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And this is Christmas

One of our family’s favourite musicians is Steven Curtis Chapman. A few years ago we were able to take our family to one of his concerts in Brisbane. We arrived (very) early to be one of the first groups in the queue, managed to keep our (then) young kids occupied during the nearly two hours […]

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Mystery of God

What comes into your mind when you think of God? Do you form a mental picture of an old man sitting up in the clouds looking over the world? Maybe a man seated high on a throne somewhere, but more or less ignoring the plight of the earth down below. Maybe you just laugh, and […]

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God’s grace

Imagine that you have a five year old daughter. A young princess, whose smile not only lights up the world around her, it shows the beauty of her heart. One night she is taken from your home. Despite frantic searches and pleas for her return, tragically her body is found a few days later in […]

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God’s justice

A previous posting described how God is a God of mercy. God not only is merciful, but he delights in his mercy. God is also a God of love. These may be the two most quoted character traits of God. The combination of incredible love and mercy have been considered by many people, who then […]

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God is Holy

The popular use of the word “holy” has diluted its true meaning somewhat. It can be used to imply someone is stuck up, as in “holier than thou” or in exclamations of surprise such as “holy socks, Batman!” or “holy doolies!”. Despite this dilution of meaning, there is still a fairly common understanding that true […]

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God does not change

Change is something that is part of everyone’s lives. You only have to look through a family album to see the change in our physical appearance as we get older. The helplessness (and cuteness) of a new born baby, the smiles of accomplishment of a toddler’s first step, the growing independence of a young child, […]

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God is love

One of the most consistent themes throughout the Bible is the message of God’s incredible love. This theme is probably summed up best by John, one of Jesus’ disciples, when he wrote “God is love” (1 John 4:8). It is important to be careful that the idea of “God is love” is not taken as […]

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God has no beginning

In our lives we are comfortable with the idea that everything has a beginning – if something exists then it had a specific start time. Whether this is a looking back to the time of your own birth as a newborn baby, a constitution proclaiming the formation of a new country, the celebrations of a […]

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